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Live Event SOS

Help at your fingertips. Hit the SOS button if you are in any kind of trouble at a Danctuary supported event and the event staff will come find you.

Dancers often travel for dancing and dance when they travel. This means that there are times when a dancer ends up at an event where they don't know many people. Or they may choose to avoid going to an event where don't know many people. Danctuary attempts to allay those fears by adding accountability on the part of the event organizer to make sure any attendee feels safe at their event. Every event organizer lists staff members for their event. The Danctuary app has an event details section where every user can see the faces of the event staff members. The app also comes with an SOS button that when hit, sends a notification to all the staff members of the event. The event staff is then expected to find and contact the user.
We are currently figuring out more ways to ensure that timely help reaches the user who raised an SOS.

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SOS addressed


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