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Anonymous Feedback

Danctuary allows dancers to submit anonymous feedback towards fellow dancers. This can be a report for misconduct or toxic behavior, or a compliment.

At Danctuary, we understand that while dancing is many things good, it also has its share of not-so-good elements. By its very nature, a dancing community is super inclusive and welcoming to all because of which, it also gives way to abusers, harassers, sexual offenders, and the likes. More often than not, when a dancer comes across another abusive dancer, they keep that experience to themselves because of a myriad of reasons ranging from self-doubt to fear of backlash. Our goal at Danctuary is to change that. Nobody should be subject to any kind of abusive or toxic behavior in life and at the very least on the dance floor. We encourage dancers to report such abusive dancers and let us do the rest. We allay the fears of backlash by guaranteeing anonymity to the reporter.

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