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No place for misconduct

Event check-in platform with misconduct reporting
powered by facial recognition


Our Values

Emotional Safety

Dancing is beautiful

Dancing is fun

Dancing is therapeutic

And full of life lessons

What it is not

Is a place or a reason

to spread hatred or toxicity

based on age, race, origin,

disability, body-type, skill, or

gender-identity, sexual-orientation

All words and actions demonstrating such hateful or toxic behavior inflict emotional pain upon individuals, some of who might already be battered by the emotional trauma inflicted upon them in their daily lives. We, at Danctuary, are committed to making dance spaces emotionally safe by identifying and stopping such behavior using community feedback.

Dancing is an effective form of exercise

When practised within the limits of what your body provides

Many a times we witness friends or acquaintances get hurt while dancing if they push beyond the limits of what their bodies can handle. What's worse is when they are forced outside these very limits by a dance partner. Examples include forcing dance moves, drunk dancing, physical assault, etc.

Any action that poses an injury risk to a dancer is a cause of concern. We, at Danctuary, are committed to making dance spaces physically safe by identifying and stopping such behavior using community feedback.

Physical Safety


Partner dancing is a conversation between two partners; the cornerstone of which, is consent. Anything that is non-consensual is a cause of concern for us.

All of us must have seen people meet on the dance floor and hit it off. We absolutely love the idea of connecting with someone at a deeper level through dancing. But forcing or pestering someone to meet your emotional or sexual needs when they have clearly rejected your advances is beyond unacceptable.

We, at Danctuary, are committed to identify and weed out such habitual offenders.

Our Solution



  • Find an event supported by Danctuary.

  • Use your personal checkin code to check into a Danctuary Event. 

  • Browse the list of fellow attendees once you are checked in.

  • Report/Compliment attendee as required.

  • Event SOS in case you need any help

Event SOS

If you are in need of help and do not know whom to contact, hit the SOS button on our app and the Event Organizer will be notified.

Events map

Find events in your vicinity on our events map. 

Danctuary App

Report/Compliment attendees

Help the community by reporting abusers and offenders. Also help the community by encouraging and complimenting beginners and people in need. 

Facial recognition

Your face is the only data we need about you. Everything else- name, contact, is optional.


Danctuary Events

  • List your events on Danctuary.

  • Check users into your event using their checkin-code or their face image.

  • Browse the list of attendees at your event.

  • Custom event filters. 

  • Personal blocklist.

Custom event filters

Create your own set of event filters based on user conduct metrics that Danctuary generates using reports submitted by other event attendees

Code/Face checkin

Check-in users to your event using their personal checkin code or their face image

Personal blocklist

Don't wait for reports. If you know repeat offenders in your local scene, blocklist them.

List your events

Create your events on Danctuary with custom filters and designated event staff

DanctuaryEvents App

We are looking to add more people to our team. To know more, write to us at



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